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Voice overs (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique, where a voice artist – that is not a part of the narrative, is used, in a Radio, Television production, film making, theatre or other presentations. Voice over is also used in Corporate, Documentaries, Commercials, audio books etc.

Have ever somebody told you ―”Hey great voice! You could make a fortune in voice over”?

Originally from the phrase voice-over-picture, a voice over is a spoken-word recording, also known as a narration. The voice over artist is the person whose voice is heard. A voice over artist is also known as a voice artist, voice over actor, voice actor, voice over performer, voice performer, voice over talent, voice talent, voice over narrator, voice narrator, narrator, announcer, and simply a V.O.
A voice over career is a spectacular career. Vocally it requires a combination of control and creativity. Monetarily, it can be quite lucrative. A voice over career offers a lifestyle with some flexibility. It can be enjoyed part time or full time and today it is possible to work from home and design your own time.
A voice over career is exciting and varied. Every script is unique. Every producer is unique. Every day is different. You can specialize in what is right for you and your voice. And it‘s thrilling to unexpectedly hear your voice on the radio or in other mediums.

If you treat this like a business and train and market correctly, you greatly increase your chance of obtaining work.

We suggest using a training facility that will candidly evaluate your talent, help you determine your marketable voice over genres, offer time to study those genres, and help you establish a marketing plan specifically for those genres.

Voice over opportunities: Radio commercial, Television commercial, Public service announcements, Promos, trailers, announcements, audio-books, biography, character & animation, corporate (industrial), documentary, education & training, film dubbing, internet, medical, telephony, meditation, inspiration & exercise, IVRs, e-learning etc.

Can anyone do voice overs? Yes.

Required skills: One needs a marketable voice. A marketable voice is one that is suitable for voice over work — it does not necessarily mean that the voice is beautiful, sexy, or powerful. Today, most voices are marketable. Interestingly the more mainstream the voice is, the more work there is available.

Be adaptable and directable having good hearing allows efficient and effective communication. Being creative helps the production come to life, and impresses producers and casting agents.

Non-inhibition is necessary.

Appearing experienced (knowing microphone technique, etc.) puts confidence.

Patience and dedication is a must, as your voice is not right for every part and success does not usually happen overnight.

A non-attitude performance: to realize that ―it is not all about you, but rather you are a just part of the bigger picture. Work together as a team. And finally, being diligent and professional is the key.

Obtaining the skills:
Professional skills are generally best acquired with professional tools, including: training Professional guides and workshops. Private coaching sessions: the best way to harness your personal strengths. Listening to and learning from professionals: both good or bad

Time required, reaching to goals:
Face it: A voice over career doesn‘t happen overnight. (If it were that easy, everyone would do it.) Instead, one must practice, market, and be patient. Remember that the professionals, who make it sound simple, do exactly this. Learn from them.

Basic training:
This establishes proficient vocal technique and aural awareness, allowing for basic work in the industry. You will:
1) Gain technique to ensure control of your voice.
2) learn how to employ technique reflexively, allowing your delivery to sound natural and confident, and simultaneously be executed quickly.
3) Be able to incorporate emotion, variety, creativity, and character into the otherwise technically perfect delivery.

Advanced training:
This elevates and enhances vocal dynamics, and possibilities, expanding your range and marketability.
Practice tips and scripts: A must for practice to be beneficial.

Demo: Short for ―demonstration, a demo is an audio recording that demonstrates vocal capabilities.
Demos are also known as ―demo tapes and ―demo reels. The purpose of the demo is that it represents the voice over artist (much like a résumé) in the attempt to obtain work.
Without a demo, obtaining work is virtually impossible.

So now, you will be ready for monetizing your golden voice, so as to enter the glamorous world of voice overs.
Training in voice overs, promos, telephone/IVR, RJ/VJ, dubbing, cartoon voices, standup comedians.
Any language, any accent.

We provide two days training programme in voice overs, only two Sundays.
First Sunday – introduction to voice over, industry overview and scripts
2nd Sunday – Recording of Demos
Including breakfast and lunch
One session: only 5-6 participants.
About 50 leads.

Monetize your voice and earn big fortune.

Fee: Rs.5000/-

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