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Dear Reader:

An ancient Persian poet said: “If thou hast two pennies, spend one for bread. With the other, buy hyacinths for thy soul.”
Poetry, perhaps; but hard sense as well!
To buy “hyacinths” for the soul — to nourish your mind and heart with good things; to become informed, alert, interesting in what you say to others — is just as important as progress in your business or social life.

And it needn’t be a task! One compact little magazine — 6 times a year– will stave off mental stagnation, give you something worthwhile to think about and talk about, keep you from being bored –and boring! That magazine is Horizon, a product of “Craigieburn Mata Mandir” in Australia.

Horizon will provide you deep knowledge on our holy Vedas, Purans, and spirituality and will help you as to how to meditate, thoughtful piece of literature (prose and poem).

So here, two pennies are for you. You can purchase “hyacinths” from anywhere to nourish your mind and keep the other penny in your pocket.

BECAUSE, we will provide Horizon, free of cost and that too at your door steps. If you are a businessman and doing any type of business, you can provide us with a small Ad.

Sincerely yours


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