Power of your Limitations, Constraints & Difficulties – Welcome them

Everyone desires to be successful in life. Probably you also desire.
All the time doesn’t remain the same – it changes.
Sometimes you enjoy good days and sometimes you face difficulties and constraints. When you face such odds, it is natural your life becomes unromantic – you feel sad, morose and dejected.


Do you know these constraints, difficulties and limitations are a boon and not a bane in your life?

Constraints and Limitations are blessings…
Constraints and Limitations are opportunities…
Constraints and Limitations are vitalizers…
Constraints and Limitations are motivators…
Constraints and Limitations are energizers…

Only difficulties, constraints and limitations have the power to awaken the GIANT within you.

Limitations and constraints are a part of life. Life cannot exist without them. You will get bored and lifeless without these difficulties and limitations.


They are part and parcel of your life. When difficulties surround you, you feel neglected and sad.

Don’t be…

Welcome difficulties, constraints, obstacles, odds and limitations like a guest and face them with calmness.

When you face them calmly, the difficulties and constraints will hide their face from you. The more you think about them, the more they tease you. Keep calm. Calmness is the most wonderful way to keep away such difficulties, constraints and limitations.

When they feel that you are not reacting enough, they themselves turn away from you. During that period of calm you can find the solution.

When you are in adversity, have difficulty, an obstacle, remember, it may contain a benefit, an opportunity for you. When you feel disgusted, you gain something out of it. Constraints, limitations and hazards bring new opportunities, new insights, new innovations and new thoughts with them for you.

You learn how to live strongly after facing obstacles and constraints. These difficulties fill you up with courage and awaken your conscious to think and do something new. They provide you new insights, they vitalize you.

As after a sound sleep in the night, you wake up fresh in the morning, these difficulties, constraints, hazards and limitations in life fill you up with that freshness. They make you stronger.

When setbacks hit life, they should be welcomed.


First of all they are not going to stay with you permanently and secondly they may provide you with some benefits. This is the nature of the difficulties and limitations that they have to leave one day. So fight odds positively.

Have you ever got ill? What did you do when you were ill?

Illness is a big constraint in life. You can’t move, can’t meet friends, can’t eat good food and doctors keep you on bitter medication. Your health deteriorates. All these are common symptoms of general illness.


Have you ever imagined what ample benefits that illness provides you?

• The medicines you take, save you from other diseases and other type of health hazards.
• Your body becomes germ free.
• You learn about many medicines, which can help avoid doctor’s fee next time.
• You find yourself more energetic to combat the poor health.

If you try to avoid these difficulties and constraints from your life, they cling you more. And when welcome them, they feel scared of you and don’t dare to strike you.

This is natural, if you welcome, they think you are not the right person for them and feel afraid of you.

No Obstacles, No Success

Limitations, difficulties, constraints, setbacks, obstacles, odds are all part of life. As the life moves these also move along. You cannot avoid them. The more you avoid the more they tease.

So welcome them…

They are the pillars of success. Take them as new opportunity, new avenues and new marks. Take them as motivators and a way to your success. Without these you cannot enjoy life, cannot progress and cannot taste the fruits of success.

Do you know, as you have difficulties and limitations, all these difficulties, constraints also have limitations. They remain with you till you allow them to remain. It’s their fate to abandon you one day.

Some people in adverse conditions broke and some break the records.

All these limitations and obstacles make you strong and capable of putting big strides for your success. If you hide yourself from them, you welcome frustration, agony and woes in life.

So welcome them as vitalizers…

Failures, odds and obstacles may harass you, may push you back, may make you powerless because it is their habit. BUT how you take them, it is your habit.

Thomas paine says, “the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.”

People learn less from successes, but more from failures and misfortunes.

This is our bad luck that we repent a long over the closed doors and do not see other doors which are open. We feel sad and curse our nears and dears for the closed opportunities, we had. But do you know?

When one door shuts another opens. The crux of the matter is, don’t sit idle when obstacles and misfortunes come your way. Speed up your efforts calmly so as to keep away such obstacles and misfortunes, to win over new avenues.

Some people complain that they have no time, no place to live in, no money, no fortune.

Such people are unfortunate.

Debbie Allen quotes, “But out of limitation comes creativity.”

John Broadway says,

“I define a ‘good person’ as somebody who is fully conscious of their own limitations. They know their strengths but they also know their ‘shadow’ – they know their weaknesses. In other words, they understand there is no good without bad. Good and bad are really one, but we have broken them in our conscious. We polarize them.”

Everyone has limitations in life. Some have a lot of money but no time to spend it. Some have plenty of food to eat but they have health problems. Some have the courage to run but have no legs. Some want to watch this beautiful world but have no eyes. There is no end to it.

If you have the courage and will power, you can win over the world despite all these limitations and incapacities.

Nepolean Hill says, “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”

Limitations don’t indicate what you can’t do, they indicate to what you must do.
In the words of Michael Jordan,

“If you are trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I have had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run in a wall don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.”

In her book, loving what is…Byron Katie, states that the people who don’t accept their present circumstances or resist what is… suffer. What you resist persists… and acceptance is the elixir that will set you free in action.

The limitations, obstacles, difficulties, odds and so called constraints would hold you back from achieving your goals.


You should drive motivation from these hazards. If GOD imposes limitations and constraints on you, HE also blesses you with extra some skills and peculiarities. He blesses to everyone.
You can master these skills to combat the constraints.

To win, first identify your limitations and constraints what they are.

Make a list, accept them and then work on them to your advantage.

Then choose your brushes, paints, canvas and paid a fabulous portrait.

Henry Ford says, “There is no man living who is not capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.”

Margret Mitchell, born in 1900, the writer of “Gone with the Wind” was raised in an era when children were “seen and heard”. She was not allowed to run and scream. Mitchell met an accident and was suffering from ankle injury. She was unable to move and always remained in the bed. Her husband, John Marsh, was growing weary of lugging armloads of books home from library to keep Mitchell’s mind occupied.

One day he emphatically suggested that why she should not write her own book instead.

“For God’s sake Peggy” can’t you write a book instead of reading thousands of them.”

John brought a Remington portable typewriter. And “Gone With the Wind” took birth. Novel was published in 1936, prized “Pulitzer” award in 1937 and filmed in 1939. Film is regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, selected to be preserved by National film Registry.

This was Margret’s first and last novel.

Though accident was a limitation but Margret pulled courage and inspiration and created the history.

So don’t feel morose, sad and don’t feel dejected when misfortunes and failures strike you. Welcome them and learn how to combat them calmly.

You will Sure WIN.

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