One & only most important person behind your success

Dear friends,

This world is tough and life is tough too. Opportunities will come but will pass you by just because you are nobody. Doors will be shut on you. People will spoil your glory and crash your hopes. You will push and push but nothing will happen.

Your hopes will be ruined. You will be broke down broke. You will have to do odd jobs for survival and end up sleeping in the streets.

It happens, my friends, it happens.

Before I reveal the person who is behind your success, I want to share a story with you which I have listened a few days back.

Some people say it is the saddest story ever told. Some say it happens yaar, luck should be straight. But I call it a story of self-confidence, strong will power and motivation.

I am talking about Sylvester Stallone – one of the biggest movie stars of Hollywood.

When Sylvester was a struggling actor in Hollywood, he was actually a struggling man. Things got so bad that he ended up homeless and he slept at the New York bus stand for three days. At some point, he got so broke that he stole his wife’s jewellery and sold it. He was unable to pay rent and afford food.

The lowest point came when he sold his dog also, to a stranger for $25 only. He says, he walked away crying.

Then one day he saw a boxing match between Mohammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. He was so inspired and motivated that he wrote a film script only in 20 hours. The film was Rocky.

He went on to sell it. Offer came for $125000 but he had one request. He wanted to star in the film. The producers said “No”. A few days later he got the offer for $250000, but he refused. They even offered $350000 but Sylvester again refused because he wanted to star in the film. The producers were ready to buy the script but not Sylvester. After a few days the studio agreed and offered him $35000 and to star in the film.

Rest his history, my friends.

The film was so successful that it won the best picture, best directing, best editing at the prestigious Oscar Awards. He was even nominated for best actor.

You can understand the purpose of my telling this story.

The one and only most important person behind your success is “YOU”.


If you want success in life, no power can stop you to do so. To gain success in life is not an easy path. But if you believe in yourself, have self confidence and strong will power, then no one can stop you from being successful. Only ‘you’ can stand like a rock behind your success, no one else for you. Let us discuss the peculiarities; you should have to obtain success.

Belief in yourself:

When you believe that you can do, you can do. Self belief fills a person with courage to surmount even the odds. Big writers, artists, scientists, inventors had a belief in themselves and consistently and persistently tested the things and became successful. Belief is an inspiring force that motivates you for action. Your belief makes you strong to win the hazards on your way and make path to your success.

Self-confidence and will power:

Belief in yourself gives birth to self confidence . You can say that self confidence comes with belief. Your belief in you, that you can accomplish some tasks, arises in you the self confidence for action. And when you take action the task is completed. Your will power also gets strong with self confidence. Only you are the driving force behind you for success in life.


Some people live in scarcity paradigm. I have no good job, I have no big car, I have no good house and so on. For your success, reject the scarcity paradigm from within your mind and adopt the paradigm of fullness, richness and abundance. When you get a half filled glass, don’t say it is half empty say it is half full. You can combine it with positive thinking. And it is true that what you speak, that happens. Your spoken words are heard by God and he blesses you. From the day you change the scarcity paradigm to abundance paradigm, you start your foot towards success. Never think about scarcity, think about abundance.

Law of attraction and law of creation:

Many scholars define law of attraction in some other way but in my view the law of attraction is when you are attracted to some specific task. You want to become a public servant, so you are attracted to become so. You are attracted to become a doctor, an engineer or a writer. This is law of attraction which has a great power in deciding what you want in life. But you cannot get, what you want, with law of attraction only. Then what?

You have to mix it with law of creation. If you don’t create, you stop succeeding. Law of creation is, putting you into action to achieve the goals in life. Action is must to become successful. Translate the law of attraction in law of creation i.e. action and success will be yours.

Dreams and goals:

I am not talking of the dreams which you see during nights with closed eyes. I am talking of day dreams which you see with naked open eyes. What are your dreams in life make a list, always keep them in your mind and to fulfill them, set goals. Big goals seldom occur. Set short and small goals which are easy to fulfill. Succeed bit by bit. When you get little by little it provides you immense pleasure and prepares you for the big goals.

Consistency & persistency:

Consistency and persistency are the two strong pillars behind your success. Do a bit daily consistently and persistently. It will raise your self confidence and make your will power strong. It will make you master of your craft. Consistency gears you up to the targets and persistency makes you solid against the doubts you have in your mind.

Your doubts:

It is natural you can have doubts. One thing I may tell you, when you jump into action little doubts themselves disappear. Big doubts, May it be any, disappear when you test the things. Never try, there are chances of failure. Always test. Think positively. You become as you think.

Slowly and slowly train your sub-conscious mind to discard negative thoughts and adopt positive thoughts. Your doubts will never be your doubts. Training from the experts may help. Training will teach the secret of success and will defeat your doubts.

Don’t give up:

This is the most important point in getting success. Success does not come over night. You have to work hard to be successful. Miracles may happen in this world but even there is a hard labor behind the miracles. If you want success in any field, choose it and once chosen, never give up in between. Persistently and consistently follow the path and you will be on the top of the world.

So it is you, and only you, who is the person behind your success.

P.S. “No pains no gains”. This is an old proverb which fits better on you. You have to be a hard worker to gain success. And I assure you, you will be a successful man having good family, a big house, cars of your choice and millions of money.

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