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Relax your nerves, eliminate tension, refresh your brain, laugh and improve your health only by reading a book “Hum Ganwar Hoon” written by Mahesh Seelvi, an author of outstanding acumen.
No doubt you are also creative but your routine destroys your creativeness because you don’t find time.
Read “Hum Ganwar Hoon” while travelling, vacation or in your leisure hours. It will provide ample relaxation to your nerves because as you go through the pages, you sometimes smile, sometimes laugh and sometimes giggle.
While reading you are occupied in such a way that you don’t even care where you are.
Book comprises of twenty five essays, written in lighter vein, on varied subjects. As you progress reading your brain forsakes tension, you laugh which helps you gain health.
You feel yourself connected with the subject.
It is a very interesting book for those who have forgotten laughing and always live in tension and stress.
A must read to abandon stress and tension.
It will provide you immense pleasure and entertainment.
On reading your tightened face will equipoise, your red eyes soften, your brain relieves of tension and cheeks become red.
The reading incites in you pleasure, calmness, energy, positive thoughts and a sense of forbearance.
Your body lightens, you enjoy sound sleep and you yourself can judge the benefits of sound sleep.
Do you know? When you laugh only 14 face muscles come into action but when you are in a fury 74 face muscles come into action.
You know laughter is the best medicine.
After you finish reading, you will feel, “you have got what you have paid for.”
Only at Rs.90/- ($3)
All the pleasure, entertainment, smiles, laughs and giggles at a absolutely low price of Rs.90/- ($3) per book.
If you get the book directly from the author, shipping free.
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P.S: Every wife considers her husband a stupid. Get to know how? Read “Hum Ganwar Hoon”. Moreover you will be reading a book by a National award winner author.

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