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Respected Sir/Madam

Do your corporate require a giant leap in promotion of your products, ideas, innovations?

The answer is definitely a big YES.

The urge to advertise, seems to be part of human nature. Most early advertising was oral. But in our modern satellite age, Radio, television, internet have taken place orally and visually both. Advertising is that, one has to convey the message clearly and effectively and present it in such a way that you reach directly to the hearts of the masses.

We, Maiden Eye, are one of the leading film production houses in the region and produce films, tele-serials, corporate films, documentaries and Commercials (Ad-films). You will appreciate that TV and Radio, today, are the most powerful mediums of advertising which are not only cost effective but effective also as compared to print media. Though print media has its own significance yet TV and Radio have the privilege in influencing the uneducated also.
And more than 60% of our population is uneducated.

We the team of Maiden Eye offer our services for production of a commercial, corporate film or a documentary for promotion of your sales of your products, ideas and innovations. The corporate film (complete profile of the company) will help you in Trade fairs, Exhibitions, Company’s general meetings, Customer meets, Export orientation, product promotion and all such other purposes.

We, Maiden Eye, intend to serve your organisation and are confident of satisfying you with our prompt, professional and result oriented service and desire to have a dialogue with you with the expectations of getting an opportunity to serve your esteemed organisations, in the near future.

A long and mutually beneficial relationship is looked forward to. We feel proud in saying that we produce ideas that sell and sell more.

Thanks and regards.

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