How do you sleep

Sleep is as necessary as air, water and food for human body. If the body is not fed, nothing happens soon but body revolts very soon without sleep. That is why sleep is more important than the food. For every living thing, may it be human, animal or a bird, sleep is indispensable. Let’s see first, what the sleep is?
Sleep is a simple Anglo-sexon word. Oxford dictionary explains it, “sleep, in humans and animals, is a state of unconsciousness which comes naturally and regularly, in which, nervous system fails, fully or partly and the body gets power to work again.” Don quiksot says that sleep surrounds human beings from all around, covers them like a cloak and the human beings and animals get such a comfort as a thirsty gets after drinking water, a heated gets in cool place and a cool in a warm place.
Sleep is such a wealth which can buy all the pleasures of the world. It can completely balance between a rich and a beggar and between a wise and a stupid. Encyclopedia Britannica expresses sleep as a general necessity for the body which comes itself, when needed.
When sleep comes, will power ends first whereas other desires remain active for some time. At first sleep influences the eyes and then ears. Bliss of sleep can be enjoyed before or after the sleep but can never during the sleep. It is a truth, when body needs sleep then sleep triumphs all, appetite, sorrow, pain, poverty and even the thought of being hanged tomorrow.
About one third of a year, we enjoy sleep in our beds. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know that our rooms, where we sleep, our beds in which we sleep and the clothes, we wear during sleep, should be of what type? To get a sound and cozy sleep, the room should have no light at all or very dim blue or green is desirable. Beds should be cozy, clothes worn should be loose and of the type which provide comfort to the body. Tight and fit clothes hinder sound sleep.
According to a psychological survey, your beds should be North-South as North and South poles affect your body system, biologically and psychologically, during the sleep. Placing your bed in North-South direction, you get a sound sleep and bad dreams also do not disturb you. While sleeping, always keep your head in south direction. Keep the bed sheets and pillow covers of your choice and will. Beds should be soft and cozy. Those who are suffering from shoulder or back pain must sleep on hard bed but it should be kept in mind that head and shoulders should remain in one line. This action not only comforts the pain but also helps in speedy recovery of the ailment.
One important question about sleep is that for how many hours one should sleep? According to an old saying, the men should sleep for six hours, women for seven hours and the stupid for eight hours. There are some people who suffer from sleeplessness, fully or partly. As sleep is indispensable like air, water and food, a qualified doctor should be consulted. According to an old survey, Americans were the most disturbed in getting sound sleep and they spent a lot of money for its treatment.
We have known what the sleep is and what type of beds, clothes and cots should be used for sound sleep? Now let us look into the psychological aspect as to how we should sleep. Everyone has his/her own unique method of sleeping. As discussed earlier, comfort of sleep can be enjoyed, before or after and never during the sleep, it is very difficult to know for a human that how he/she sleeps. Only the person awake, near the sleeping person, can tell how one sleeps. Now the question rises, how should we sleep?
Sound sleep is human being’s right and not a comfort. First of all find the position in which you sleep, on your back, sidelong or prostrate. Everyone sleeps in a different way, some sleep fully stretched and some shrunk. If one sleeps, in a position like an infant in the womb, he/she easily and quickly gets sound sleep. The position is, neck bowed, knees bent touching the belly and hands in knees or any such position in which you can lie comfortably and get sound sleep.
After going to bed you must get sleep within half an hour if you don’t have any anxiety, sorrow, pain, fear or disease. Sleep as you like but the psychologists have the capability to judge your nature, behavior and character from the way you sleep. But how? Psychologists say that the humans who sleep on their back are of the nature and character of a king. Their way of talking, habits, behavior is of very high quality. Such persons are of high respect, wise and intelligent. They cannot be easily defeated by logic. Such people don’t accept defeat, are of positive thinking and cast a great influence on others with their charismatic personality.
Some, those who sleep sidelong is of a minister type, a vizier type. They are intelligent and are good counselors. They provide good advice to others but they cannot make the people agree to their advice, with thrust. They generally can be seen giving advice to others. Third type is those who sleep prostrate. They are slave like. Their nature is that they always stoop and they cannot stand at their own. They are always meek, fearful, poor, humble and mostly working on other’s advice. They work timidly even if they reach the high position.
Now you see how do you sleep?

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