From Passion To Peace

Dear Peace Lover,

Everyone in this world wants to be rich.
And with this thinking he puts his whole to get, what can be acquired for riches.
He becomes passionate for riches.
And you know passion is the lowest level of human being?
Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

Till you come out of your passions you cannot live in peace – the ultimate goal of human life.

Where passion is peace is not – Peace, for which the humanity strives for centuries-saints, sages, preachers, the common man and you also. So to live in peace…
Here is the path “from passion to peace” – linking the divine with the human life.

“From passion to peace” will walk you through the splendid path to embrace the peace.
You will rise above the passion to the Divine life walking through Aspiration, Temptation, Transmutation, Transcendence, and Beatitude and finally getting peace.

When peace is practised then sin and remorse are left behind in the dark sphere.
Enlightenment makes you rise higher and higher and you enter the Divine life-peace.
“From passion to peace”, written a century ago is as authentic today as it was 100 years ago.
A splendid journey “from passion to peace”

PPS: Everyone in this world strives for peace. He prays to God for peace yet cling to passion and selfishness. The book “From Passion to Peace” will teach you how you can rise above the passion, shun selfishness and make your way to Divine life.
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