Eat well to Age well

Everyone wants to live longer on this earth planet. But as you grow your body’s energy needs drop and at the same time demands for some nutrients increase.

Aging is inevitable. Many of the degenerative changes that occur post middle age, are not, if preventive steps are initiated.

Medical searches confirm that good nutrition can prevent, or at least slow down, such debilitating conditions such as, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart diseases. In fact, one report says that over the age of 65 one third to one half of health related problems are related to diet.

Proper nutrition is an important part of, ageing well, strategy.

On the whole, seniors are the most poorly nourished group of all over the world. The main reason behind it is that seniors’ loss appetite, sense of smell and taste which declines with the age. Other factors are that they may suffer from some unavoidable diseases such as hurt burn, constipation, problems in digestion and/or problems in chewing.

In such cases they subsist on tea, toasts, sweets, canned juices and other convenience foods, that provide little nutrition. Some older people, having low income also cannot afford to buy fruits, vegetables, fish and meat etc.

Body composition changes with growing age, metabolism slows down resulting in fewer calories are needed. Experts say that persons should consume 10% fewer calories for every decade after the age of 50. With the increase in age body is less efficient in absorbing some nutrients.

Older persons are likely to need extra amounts of the following:
 Calcium to maintain healthy bones
 Vitamin D to absorb the calcium
 Vitamin B12 to maintain healthy nerves and red blood cells
 Zinc for lowered immunity
 Fiber to avoid constipation
 Frolic acid, potassium

Supplements may also be required. Do you know that a B12 supplement is needed if you are 50 or older which is essential for cell replication and red blood cell production?

Make most of the mealtimes with your family and friends which provides more benefits for health than the meals in your plate. Make dining enjoyable. Prepare attractive tray and switch on your favorite music while dining.
• Eat at least five times a day, trays full of foods and vegetables.
• If you cannot eat alone, keep a company with friends or neighbors.
• Drink six to eight glasses of water/juices per day.
• Take daily walk or other exercises.
• Choose bright colored fruits and vegetables.
• Eat less to live longer.

Cutting down on calories helps slow down your ageing clock as well as extra fat around your waistline.
Interesting facts about longevity

– Japanese has the longest life expectancy in the world. Their diet secret? Lot of grains, vegetables, soy and fish, less meat, poultry and dairy. Okinawan Island, in southern Japan enjoy even the longer age than the average Japanese. The main secret is said to be “coral calcium”.
– All people who follow a vegetarian diet and engage in prudent life style, also enjoy increased life expectancy.
– North Americans are also doing well. The people in the age group above 85 are increasing.
Simple thing:- Add 25gsm of soy proteins to your daily diet. Try tofu or soy nuts. Variety of studies have shown that eating this amount daily should lower cholesterol in people with elevated level by about 9% and LDL cholesterol by as much as 15%.

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