Deciphered New Age Code of Healthy Eating

Most people, when asked, assert that leading a healthy lifestyle is important. Yet this notion is often easier said than done. An undeniable part of the problem is deciphering the ‘code’ of new age eating terms and figuring out what works for you as an individual.

GLUTEN-FREE : Despite its overwhelming popularity with the general public, a gluten-free diet was first conceived to treat people with celiac disease. By avoiding the gluten protein which is found in wheat, barley and rye, patients are able to reduce symptoms associated with the diseases.

ORGANIC : Organic is a strictly regulated labeling term used to describe how food is produced and farmed. Generally it includes animals and plants that have been sustainably farmed without harmful pesticides, chemicals and growth hormones. Organic practices also include environmentally and animal friendly farming methods.

VEGAN VS. VEGETARIAN : Generally speaking, vegetarians refrain from consuming meat, poultry and fish, but will still eat eggs and dairy products. Alternatively, vegans choose to eliminate all meat, dairy and seafood and avoid wearing animal by-products including leather, silk or wool. while most vegetarians are motivated by health concerns, vegans tend to be motivated by political or ideological principles.

FARM TO TABLE : Farm to table is a sourcing issue related to the logistics of food production, based on the key relationships established between food producers and consumers. It is about understanding where your food comes from and knowing how the food is handled along the way until it ends up on your table. This process is credited with producing a smaller carbon footprint. Food is also sourced from local suppliers and harvested seasonally when it is at optimum freshness.

MACROBIOTIC : Macrobiotic diets involve eliminating processed foods and refined sugars while eating whole grains, nuts and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Although animal products such as meat and fish are not prohibited, they are limited. The diet is sometimes known as ‘eating clean’

Popular culture can be confusing, but having the tools to know how to feed your body can be empowering and put you on the path to better health today.

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