Dear Client,

My name is Mahesh Seelvi.

I am a freelance copywriter, a direct response marketer. I specialize in B2B/B2C copywriting.

I have acquired training in copywriting from American writers and Artists Inc.

I am a published author and have 5 books to my credit.

One of my books has won the national award from Govt. of India, recently.

I write persuasively and now I want to put the power of my persuasive copy to work for you. Here are some of the services I offer:

1. I specialize in B2B & B2C copywriting. I also write for health markets. I write result oriented copy using the direct response techniques proven to captivate prospects.

2. I craft killer headlines and leads adding the unique selling proposition that intrigues and tantalizes…piling on the benefits that win over hearts…create irresistible offers that spur your prospects crafting proof and credibility element to the desired action.

I specialize in crafting:
a) Direct mail packages to generate leads (sales letters, envelope teasers )
b) Direct mail packages to generate orders for a service or a product (sales letters, order forms, broachers)
c) Online sales lending pages (Websites)
d) Online video sales letters.
e) E-newsletters: directly delivered to your prospect’s inbox. Successful E-newsletters are chockfull of helpful tips that not only educate the readers but also give them the confidence to trust your company.
f) I also specialize in Film making (commercials, corporate films (Industrial films), documentaries and short films).

Have a look at my copywriting samples:

E-mail marketing: Engage your readers. Keep them informed and emotionally connected to your work.
I pledge to help you nurture and grow your business. Your business is like a garden where small seedlings – tended with great care and diligence – can grow to be vibrant, thriving source of abundance.
I will use my copywriting skills to help you demonstrate to your prospects the quality and value of your products and services.

With my words of creativity, I will work to create an environment where a mutually beneficial relationship can flourish between you and your customers.

I will listen carefully to your needs and will respond with enthusiasm, crafting the strong copy you need to achieve your goals.

I will work together with you to ensure the fruits of our labour lead to a profitable and healthy future for you and your business.

I invent a fair amount of extra time researching and brainstorming anytime I work with a new client, but I don’t factor that into my fees. My goal is to work with you long term and help your business grow. I aim to help you increase your client base, develop long term client partnership, and provide you with an ongoing value above and beyond what you would get from any other copywriter.

This one, small paragraph, conveys my level of professionalism and my commitment to the client.

P.S: Growth in your business is of paramount importance for me.

Thanks and regards.

(Mahesh seelvi)
Contact no. India: +91-9779584271, Australia: +61-450917095
Address: India- 8A/37, Anand Nagar-B, Patiala-147004
Australia: 2, Cimberwood Drive, Craigieburn, Vic-3064

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